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Knot-tying 101 commences today with Private Dusty Layne as the able instructor and Petty Officer Tanner as the frustrated student. Playful knots, square knots, and rope splicing all make Tanner feel defeated but that certainly doesn’t stop him from shining in the department of sucking golf balls through garden hoses. After getting fed up with the ropes, Tanner decides he’d like to get full by feeding on every last inch of Dusty’s hetero military sausage, and there really is something to be said for Southern hospitality. Dusty obviously couldn’t ignore the sexual tension that had been building since the beginning of the lesson so he just relaxes on his crate while Tanner undoes his pants and begins slurping that big cut dick down into more intimate parts of his head. Picking up speed and intensity, Tanner really grasps his dexterous hands around Dusty’s throbbing balls and dense shaft while using his throat to create the most pleasurable vortex he has ever experienced in his whole life. Wanting to make Tanner as comfortable as possible while he sucks the entire contents of his abdomen out through his urethra, Dusty gets up and lets Tanner sit on the crate while continuing to cram that cock as far back into his esophagus as physically possible in this realm of existence. Dusty takes over and starts to fuck Tanner’s face until he can’t take it any longer and pulls out to unload a gallon of chunky white sperm onto Tanner’s close-shaven face at Naked Marine.

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Devilishly handsome and straight Naval Airman AC is back on the military cot to fulfill some fleeting erotic thoughts and also to fill another army guy’s sweet tight hole. Roman Rivers couldn’t wait to show AC what it’s like to have his fat cock strangled by a straight butthole in exchange for the lesson on how to spit-shine his boots. Roman is down on his knees working on AC’s boots and can’t help getting excited enough to reach up and start polishing AC’s knob through the fly of his sexy cammo-pants. Roman’s wandering hand quickly leads to grasping the base of AC’s gorgeous dick and burying his big swollen head deep in his throat. Feeling how hard he’s making AC, Roman quickly stands up and bends over the cot, giving him full access to plunder his anal village. AC playfully slaps his chubby monster against Roman’s muscular ass before slowly sinking into the pink vortex of ecstasy. Screaming out uncontrollably from the intense sparks being ignited deep within his gorgeous abdomen, AC continues slamming away until he turns Roman around and bashes into his man-cave while staring into his piercing blue eyes. It doesn’t take long before Roman spontaneously begins spewing jizz while getting pounded and crying out for more. AC is so turned by this he rips his throbbing cock fresh from the Roman’s throttling rectum and drenches his face with burst after burst of salty semen at Naked Marine.

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Today Firefighter Ryler is here to show off the hot toned body developed while training to save the lives of innocent Americans. It really doesn’t get any sexier than that. Ryler begins by explaining his daily duties upon arriving at the station, such as checking to make sure all the equipment is in perfect working order, stamina exercises using a ladder and bulky clumsy hoses, before quickly moving onto handling his own heavy hose still hidden by his dress blues. It only takes a few minutes of watching some hot straight porn and knowing he’s being filmed before the shirt gets unbuttoned and fly unzipped exposing gorgeously intricate tattoos on his pecs and his chiseled abs immediately above a pair of tight black boxer briefs which are now starting to stretch with his hot engorged boner just on the other side. Ryler lays back while tweaking his erect nipples and massaging his bulge before pulling his pants and underwear off in one fell swoop; standing up to show off his beautiful swollen cock. Spitting into his hand and grasping his thickness firmly, Ryler begins the real part of the show. Beads of sweat begin to appear on his forehead and run down his clean-shaven baby face calling attention to his deep blue eyes as Ryler suddenly turns around to spread his perfectly round and muscular ass for the camera. Tenderly grazing his taut pink pucker rimmed with a subtle swath of sexy hair, Ryler digitally explores his rectal entrance while continuing to jack away at that big veiny spit covered cock. From back here, it’s hard not to admire the appropriate angel wings tattooed across his back. He quickly sinks to his knees and speeds up his strokes in order to bring it all home. Yelling out that he’s about to cum, Ryler pumps his hips into his strangling fist while leaning back and exploding white chunky goo all over his smooth athletic stomach. Good thing he was here to put out that fire before it really got out of control at Naked Marine.

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Today handsome and tattooed Firefighter Ryler and big cocked Private Pauly meet up for a quick jerk on the military cot and end up showing each other a thing or two about rubbing feet, and other body parts. Both vocally noticing how sexy the feet are of the woman in the porn they are rubbing their clothed bulges to, leads to Ryler taking the next step and asking Pauly if he’d mind rubbing his feet. Pauly immediately obliges as Ryler unties his boots and heaves his legs up onto the cot for Pauly to work his magic. Pauly really gets turned on by the smooth texture of Ryler’s feet in his hands and has to undo his belt buckle to make some breathing room for what seems like a monstrous bulge in the crotch of his camo pants. Not wanting to be the only one giving, Pauly pulls his boots off as well as his t-shirt. Ryler slips out of his as well, exposing the obvious results of his dedication to the gym before both of them are massaging each other’s feet. Which seem to get closer and closer to their cocks. Unable to take the anticipation any longer Pauly stands up to get more comfortable by sliding his pants and tight black boxer-briefs down revealing his big ass dick completely hard and ready for physical contact. Ryler quickly does the same and both sit back down on the cot to touch the other’s feet and jack their gorgeous girthy dicks. Pauly really starts jerking faster and faster as Ryler pulls his other leg up off the floor and places each foot around his pulsating cock, slowly squeezing the veiny slick shaft and sliding the soles of his feet up toward his sensitive engorged head. Getting even more turned on by the way Ryler’s cock feels against his feet, Pauly asks if he would mind sucking on his aching hard-on for a little bit. After a promise of some reciprocation, Ryler is excited to comply. Leaning over Pauly’s lap as he reclines back onto the cot with eyes still focused on the video they originally put on, Ryler uses both hands to guide Pauly’s impressive dick into his tight slippery lips. He begins bobbing up and down and using his hands to massage the length that wouldn’t fit inside; much to Pauly’s delight. Jerking himself and playing with Pauly’s nuts while letting that cock slide in and out of his face, Ryler really gets excited and stops to ask Pauly if he wouldn’t mind returning the favor before standing up. Pauly sinks down onto his knees to help. They both really get into this dynamic with Pauly’s mouth swallowing enthusiastically down to Ryler’s nuts while getting pumped from the other side. Pauly, in a burst of energy, pushes Ryler back so that he falls onto the cot and he can get more leverage to service his dick exactly the way he wants. Leaning over his lap Pauly keeps working Ryler’s cock faster and faster until he yells out that he’s going to cum. At which point Pauly moves his mouth down to those big sexy balls and keeps licking as white river rapid sprays against the side of his face and drips down his neck while Ryler convulses in ecstasy. Standing up to get his rocks off, Pauly hovers above Ryler laid out on the cot as he furiously jerks an explosive steaming white hot load that coats his chest and flies onto the floor behind them at Naked Marine.

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Blond hair, blue eyed, baby-faced and straight from the heart of America comes Staff Seargent Andy. This young stud has been in the Marines for six years and has seen it all. He has been deployed three times, experienced hand to hand combat and shot at multiple times – all for the sake of his fellow man. This kid is a real hero, he tells me that he joined as a boy and came out a man. Andy is fresh off the boat from his last tour of duty and has a need for some real action. After a few laughs and heart wrenching stories Andy is more than eager to get his hot uniform off and show off that trim, muscular body of his. Andy is so horny that he starts pulling on his dick before he even gets his jacket off. But when he does disrobe, he exposes several military tattoos on his strong arms and pumped chest that declare his dedication to the service. The anchor, eagle, and globe on his chest says it all, this guy is true grit. Andy’s cock is hard and at full attention just begging to be released from it’s camo prison. A thick shaft and swollen head looks so good in his straight guy hand as he strokes and glides it to full erection. Andy gets more comfortable and unlaces his boots and kicks off his pants to expose a perfectly round marine ass. He bends over and gives me a view of his hairy hole and strokes his cock down not missing a beat. Andy spits in his hand and and lets his index finger do a little exlporing of its own. After all that anal excitement Andy is about ready to burst. He sits back on the chest and pumps his meat faster and faster intil a white rocket spurts from the head of his cock and onto his taut six-pack. With a sigh and a smile Andy expresses the relief he so richly deserves at Naked Marine.

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Today stocky and muscular Petty Officer Clayton is hanging out with slender but surprisingly strong, Private Dusty and shooting the shit about little games he used to play after he was done hurrying up and waiting. The first game involves holding the bottom of a 16-pound sledgehammer and attempting to touch the tip of it to ones nose. Dusty, totally smoked this challenge and got Clayton to move on to the next where the goal is to hold the hammer with an outstretched arm for as long as possible. Again, Dusty outdid Clayton at his own games and held his for at least twice as long. Never the sore loser, Clayton asked what Dusty wanted since he clearly won, to which Dusty replied “a gay blowjob sounds nice” and Clayton immediately obliges. Yanking his trousers down around his boots Clayton grasps Dusty’s thick cock as it springs towards his face, capturing it from all sides with this sweet velvety throat and proceeding to bob up and down like a buoy in the changing tide. Dusty’s eyes roll back in his head as he tries to remember a time that he’s gotten such a great BJ. Getting hornier and hornier with each swallow, Clayton decides it’s time for Dusty to return the favor. Getting down on his knees Dusty quickly removes all barriers to oral fixation and begins the salival ceremony, rocking Clayton’s world so hard that he could only take such fabulous head for a few minutes. Next he tells Dusty to stay down there as he eagerly gets behind him and starts slapping his wet chubby against Dusty’s hairy hallway entrance, eliciting moans and the occasional shudder as shockwaves of pleasure ripple through his body from his asshole to his finger tips as Clayton’s cock gets harder and harder, and finally gets shoved inside that snug rectal squeeze. Dusty holds on for dear life clenching his hole especially tight while Clayton tries to fill him from the rear. They both shudder from how fucking great it feels to finally let go and rub prostate against throbbing swollen cock-head. Starting to get exhausted, Clayton stands up resting his ass on the cot as Dusty straddles him backward and gingerly inserts Clayton back inside as he slides down to his pubes and massages that cock with his surprisingly vigorous sphincter muscles. They both bounce against each other in ecstasy before Dusty wants to lay back on the cot and have the depths of his digestive tract thoroughly inspected by Clayton’s perfectionist dick. Holding Dusty’s legs in the air and plowing his hole like it has 20 feet of tough topsoil, Clayton goes to town wrecking his rectum until they both convulse uncontrollably as salty semen flows forth into Dusty’s trim stomach, and Clayton’s cock spurts forth an explosion of his own special recipe of pleasure sauce into Dusty’s wrenched open mouth eager to collect every last drop at Naked Marine.

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Corporal James Ryan is here to show off the drastic and sexy effects of his insanely tough S.E.A.L. training as well as his awesome thick dick. James begins by explaining how he is committed to becoming a S.E.A.L. because there is an unmatched sense of brotherhood and commitment to a cause. He ultimately wants to serve his country to the best of his ability with a gorgeous physique and has put himself through hell, such as literally sleeping 4 hours during an entire week of torturous exercises in 52 degree water, to make that goal a reality. Today all James wants to do is kick back, strip down, relax and jerk his impressive meat. James starts off by sitting on the edge of the cot and slowly massaging his camouflaged crotch into an unmistakable bulge destined for glorious release. Not a moment later, James has stripped off his bulky navy jacket and shirt exposing a perfectly chiseled and smooth, saliva-producing torso that just doesn’t quit, before finishing the job and pushing his baggy pants and clingy black boxer briefs to the floor revealing that his cock is physically far above average, just like his career objectives. James leans back against the bed and squeezes glistening clear fluid from his perfect chubby before dabbing it off with his finger and slowly licking it, getting deeper into his mission. Getting on his knees, James continues to fuck his firm grasp while staring off and fantasizing about all the girl’s holes he’s plugged up with his fat cock sliding in and out of them. He bends over allowing the camera to peer down into the furry crevice of his ass while he jerks harder before getting back up and reclining on the cot to finish what he started. Jacking faster and faster, he roars towards the finish line, building up momentum until catapulting a gigantic glob of little white soldiers all the way onto his neck. He follows the impressive explosion up with laying a few more long ropes of jism draped across his brilliant smooth abs. Finally at the end James scoops up a heap of his cum and wipes it across his tongue, as he swallows his load and smiles looking completely at peace at Naked Marine.

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Private Christian, a tall, tattooed drink of water, listens intently as Private Roman, a darkly intense-looking soldier, talks shop. Private Christian quickly steers the conversation to the subject he’s most interested in: Sex. It’s clear that Private Roman doesn’t want to disappoint as he begins recounting his sexual exploits back at the base. Before Roman’s story is even done, Christian has exposed his massive schlong. Roman has also begun to stroke his cock, but can’t seem to concentrate as he stares at Christian’s monster rod. Christian looks on knowingly, saying, “Don’t be shy!” Private Roman practically leaps at the chance to stuff all of Private Christian’s enormous cock into his mouth. After whetting Christian’s well-endowed whistle, Roman jumps up like a good soldier the moment Christian tells him to, and offers his ample ass for some deep dicking! Private Roman yells out above his own throaty moans for more, More, MORE!!! Private Christian orders Roman to the ground on all fours, and fucks him at a fevered pace. Their throbbing jizz-filled balls begin smacking loudly against one other. Private Christian pulls out mid ass-pounding as Roman screams, “Gimme that dick!” Christian obliges, shooting his load in thick, streaming arcs all over Roman’s face. Roman returns the favor, frosting Christian’s dick with his own sweet pearl juice, just as Christian orders him to, “Come on my dick” at Naked Marine.

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